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Please note:   Dear Brothers and Sisters, this website is many decades old. Most of the material is timeless, so it matters little when it got posted. Clearly most everything is for helping to point you in the direction of discovering the Atma, your true Self. In my spiritual immersion of the past forty odd years, I was blessed with a remarkable personal access to Sathya Sai Baba, and had many unusual experiences through him; and so there will be many articles below recounting these. I visit this site only occasionally (usually bi-monthly or quarterly) and add or delete materials. Any newly published materials will for 6 months be designated with a NEW suffix. The same will apply to any older materials in which significant changes are made.    Happy browsing, using these pages to bring you home to your own true, sacred Self.   With all my love,  Al Drucker, Sept 2014.

Hi, I'm visiting here in March 2015, and added a newly written article: Vivekananda and Sai. Like the other articles published here in the last couple of years, such as the Death and Resurrection one, the Kodaikanal one, the Alreja one, the Kupana one, and the Baba early life one, this is a great read. So, kindly enjoy!   Love,  Al Ducker       April 8, 2015  -  I added an expanded article based on a talk that Baba gave to the villagers in his hometown of Puttaparthi 53 years ago. It is the highest rendering of the Advaita Vedanta.     May 12, 2015  -  Added a powerful article on the Theory of Everything, in Articles. i think it's one of the best things I ever wrote. Enjoy!   It was extensively revised on June 20, 2015 and again on August 20. 2015. If you previously read it, have another look.     Also, have another look at Baba's interview with all the foreign devotees that had come to Kodai on Swami's first visit there. It was a totally remarkable interview and filled with the highest non-dual teachings. Includes some material that had previously been edited out for brevity, but really should have been left in. Very worth another read.       Added Video section June 25, 2015.   Made some textural clarifications and improvements in the Dark Matter and Dark Energy account of the powerful Article on the Theory of Everything (or Is It Nothing?), corrected on December 31, 2015.





                    Sai Baba Gita  -  (also identically available at under the title, 'Bhagavad Gita for Today' by Al Drucker)

                    Awakening to Truth

                    I  Am





                    Through Fire and Ice with the Avatar (see reference to TFAIWTA below)  - In Process

                    'Not Guilty' by Yaani (also links to her dedicated homepage and course on Awakening)


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                                                Spiritual  Articles



                     A Theory of Everything (Or Nothing?)  /NEW/  (Revised June 2015, August. 2015 and December 2015)

                     Sai Baba Kodaikanal Interview Highlighting Advaita Vedanta  (Newly expanded)

                     The Highest Teaching of the Non-Dual Vedanta  /NEW/

                     Vivekananda and Sai   /NEW/

                     Dr. Alreja - A Wonderful Sai Trooper

                     Sri Kupana - Sai's Postman

                     An Encounter With Death and Resurrection  (Chapter in TFAIWTA)


                     Adventures With Sai Baba in Kodaikanal  (Chapter in TFAIWTA)

                     Baba's Early Life Stories  (Chapter in TFAIWTA)

                     Baba Mind Discourse

                     The Ultimate Truth of Everything, Sai Baba's Highest Non-Dual Teaching (Chapter in TFAIWTA)

                     Revolutions in Consciousness  (Chapter in TFAIWTA)

                     About Mama Cat and Her Kitten  (Chapter in TFAIWTA)


                     Sai Baba 2008 Christmas Message


                     Transformation of the Heart                 

                     Ramana Maharshi Teaching

                     Who is Sai Baba?

                     What is real and what is unreal?

                     Essence of the Mandukya Upanishad on Non-Duality: "Brahman Alone Is Real"

                     Science and Spirituality  (Chapter in TFAIWTA)


                     Easter Love

                     The Ten Commandments as Veda  (Chapter in TFAIWTA)

                     Singular Reality

                     Glorious Journey     (older article)


                     An Interview with Al Drucker (Chapter in TFAIWTA)

                     Miracles Healing Center ACIM quotes


                     Al Drucker bio  (Chapter in TFAIWT)The Dummy Doll Dance



                    The Dummy Doll Dance  /NEW/

                    Wisdom Stories of Sai Baba  (Chapter in TFAIWTA)

                    Gita Stories   (Chapter in TFAIWTA)

                    Shiva and Parvati  (Chapter in TFAIWTA)

                    The 24 Teachers

                    Miracle of Puran Dass  (Chapter in TFAIWTA)

                    Shivaratri Hunter Story  (Chapter in TFAIWTA)

                    Savitri's Undying Love

                    Plato's Cave Allegory - a modern version  (Chapter in TFAIWTA)




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