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From Copernicus to Newton to Darwin to Einstein to Sai



Newton – The Age of Energy



The second major revolution in the realm of ideas which was brought about by Science, and which actualized a fundamental transformation of thinking from that time onwards, was the Newtonian revolution. Again, as with Copernicus, although this revolution was brought on by the brilliant insights of Newton, it did not fully mature in the educated mind of mankind at large, until long after Newton’s time.

And what is that major change in consciousness? It is this: Whatever happens out there in the vast macrocosm also happens in exactly the same way in here, in our little microcosm. The same gravitational law and the same principles of motion that hold together this Solar System and all the huge Galaxies, and account for the large-scale motion of the whole Universe, are also responsible here on Earth for dropping an apple into our lap from the tree branch that is overhead in the garden where we sit.

The gist of this great breakthrough in human understanding is that Nature's laws are universal. They tie together the largest and smallest into a unified web of connections and relationships. We may be infinitesimally small compared with our vastly greater brothers out in the heavens, like the planets and stars and nebulae and galaxies and all the other grand structures that inhabit the Universe. But despite our vast differences in size we all use the same natural laws and follow the same physical processes.

Associated with all matter, whether big or small, is the subtler property of energy, shifting from its potential into its kinetic form and then back into its potential, and thus providing the basis for the continuous flux of change that is characteristic of all forms of matter. Old forms degenerate and disappear, and new forms emerge to take their place in an ongoing river of change.

This revolutionary insight into the workings of Nature can be associated with the second level of Reality or the second sheath, called the vital or pranic sheath, which represents the energetic aspect of the Universe. Here we are aware of a higher level of organization, an intangible and more subtle level associated with potential and kinetic energy. Energy can organize or chaotisize matter, dominating it, animating it, and structuring it into variable forms. So in this second major revolutionary step we recognize the organizing principle of energy, which is a step above the gross, physical aspect of matter, previously discussed.

This energetic view with its universal laws, is a significant step upwards in Man's consciousness from the stage of awareness that we associated with the Copernican view, where Man was reduced to just an unrelated, insignificant speck lost in the infinite ocean of time and space. With this second revolution a grand underlying organization of the universe has revealed itself, tied together by the invisible strings of natural law, through which everything large and small is related.

Although, in this, the Divinity has not reentered man's thinking, nevertheless, the stage is being prepared for a subtler awareness. Now we have Science moving on from its earlier focus on gross matter to pursuing the discovery of the underlying governing laws, involving the extremely powerful concepts of energy and force fields.




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