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From Copernicus to Newton to Darwin to Einstein to Sai



Sai – Age of Spirit



This brings us to the next step, which is still only in its seed form. That is a revolution which involves a massive re-education of mankind along spiritual lines. For us, this revolution in consciousness is associated with Sai Baba and his wide-ranging system of education with its emphasis on Education in Human Values. What is this spiritual philosophy that is destined to make such a powerful impact on the future course of civilization?

Sai Baba has declared that Man is the greatest of all treasures in the universe and He advocates the inner inquiry into the true essence nature of Man as the greatest of human pursuits, because it will lead to the highest wisdom and the supremest joy that can ever be experienced. In effect, this philosophy returns Man to his natural place at the center; but the focus here is not on Man as a psycho-physical being but on Man as the manifestation of Spirit itself.

The basic premise of this revolution in consciousness is that no matter what one's circumstances and station in life, there is no greater gift than being born a human being, for a human has the capacity to fully know the Truth of himself; and when he knows his own Truth he knows the Truth of everything else. And what is that Truth? It is that the Spirit as pure Beingness, as pure Consciousness and Eternal Delight is the unchanging basis of this whole Universe. And that One Reality known in the East as Sat-Chit-Ananda, underlies all the changing forms and phenomena that we experience through our mind and senses.

Baba tells us that if, instead of demeaning Man by separating him from his essential nature, we value him as the great jewel that he truly is, by emphasizing his noble qualities and encouraging these to blossom forth in his character, and purifying him of his dark lower qualities, then we find that Man’s world-view changes dramatically and he sees all the phenomena of the World and all the ideas that make up the cultural heritage of mankind in a totally new light. When our intuitive faculties are awakened and our hearts are purified we begin to experience the Spirit directly. We find it pervading everything there is, being all there is, the only thing that has eternal value. It is the basis of all endeavors, all ideas, all experiences, all feelings and expressions, all fields of knowledge. We know it to be the underlying Reality that is the very basis of all knowledge.

Once we are embarked on that road, we no longer separate our experiences into secular and spiritual compartments. From that point on, all experiences are spiritual because the Spirit is apprehended in everything. It is the only Reality, and it reveals itself as an all-pervading Presence behind the scenes, shining forth everywhere. Every human encounter, every experience, every subject of knowledge, every process, every name and form, is seen as a perspective of that one Reality. All are windows through which the Light of the Spirit shines.

In our educational process we develop not only the intellect but also a finer awareness, in which the Beingness that is the unseen root of our phenomenal world becomes known to the purified and sensitized mind. Sai said that this kind of education can take hold only in an integrated personality where the springs of Truth, Righteousness, Peace, Love and Non-violence, are flowing freely.

We associate this level of Consciousness, where we become aware of the Spirit present everywhere, with the universal bliss sheath, the finest and most subtle of all the sheaths. Here the Unity underlying all diversity is cognized directly as Ananda or Divine Bliss. Bliss is an intensely subjective experience of unmitigating joyfulness. Yet such a subjective term dealing with an intense inner experience is the only one appropriate for describing the Universe at this highest level of subtlety, because here it is no longer made up of objects or even ideas.

At this level the World as we know it has disappeared back into its potential unmanifest form, all conflict has disappeared with it, and the experience that remains can only be spoken of as unceasing joy and delight.
Here the individual self has turned inwards and has absorbed itself in the True Self, the Immortal Atma. From here on, God, Man and Nature all blend together, just as ice cream of different hues and flavors mixes together and dissolves on the tongue, leaving a sweet taste of pure delight. Once the Eternal Self is known then we are unalterably established in God-consciousness. From that moment on, we realize that all there is the One Supreme Reality, describable only as unending Beingness, Consciousness and Bliss.

According to Sai, these are the three steps that lead to Man's spiritual awakening:

First, the springs of Truth, Righteousness, Peace, Love and Non-violence which lie hidden in every man must be encouraged to flower in his character. By developing these we cultivate all the noble qualities that make up a true Human Being.

Next, the Spirit which we know to be present everywhere illuminating everything we call the phenomenal world, is now experienced directly in the purified mind. In this regard we practice detachment and discrimination, and develop our faith and devotion until the Spirit becomes our constant companion, remembered in every phenomenon of our waking experience.

Then we are ready for the final spiritual ascent which is the culmination of our journey, where we experience the Spirit directly as our own reality, the Eternal Self. To reach this level we must purify, step-by-step, all the overlying sheaths that have veiled our Truth until we finally discover that the beloved indwelling Lord is our own Inner Self. And that Inner Self is the one True Self of all. It is the same Spirit which previously revealed itself to us as the joy we experienced in our discoveries and the love we felt when we realized our connectedness with everything and everyone in this vast World.

As we progress deeper into the spiritual path we find that the World appears less and less objective and instead becomes a reflection of our own inner view. As we spiritualize our outlook and Love becomes our unchanging inner experience, then Love also comes back to us as our outer view. Nature is but an appearance projected by mind onto the Spirit. When mind ceases in its busyness then the Spirit which is the only Truth reveals itself. Then the long dream is over and only the True Self, the pure I remains.

The explosion of information in this century which has made the Ancient Wisdom of the East available to the common man around the World, the progressive development in the philosophy of Western Science as outlined in this article, and the urgency for a new world-outlook in the face of the threat of global catastrophe, are all factors pointing to a unique opportunity in the history of the Human Race for a great spiritual movement towards Unity Consciousness.

Now Sai Baba has Himself told us that the Divine Will has resolved to bring all of mankind into the transcendent awareness of the Spirit. He said, "Everyone must develop the higher values and consider himself as Atma. To make known to all this Atma-Dharma is the mission for which I have come. I will bring all people near me, for they are all mine, and I am theirs. Then I will start teaching and training them until they become completely ego-free. For many years it has been sweetness, kindness and soft persuasion. Hereafter it will be different. I will drag them, place them on the table and operate. It is my Love that prompts me to save them, to open their eyes, before they get deeper into the morass."

We are the fortunate recipients of this promise made by the Divine Will to rescue us all from the bog of worldly life and lead us back home to the One Reality. How very blessed we are. For, the Divinity has come into incarnation to oversee this last phase of our journey and struggle through the long night of ignorance. Now this dark journey will soon come to an end. In this journey we have occupied and discarded so many countless forms without ever having known the one great Truth, which is our true birthright, for it brings us back to our True Self. When we discover this True Self of ourself, we also realize that It is all there ever was, It is all there is and It is all there can ever be. It is the Absolute, the Ultimate Divinity Itself, the Paramatma, the One Immortal Self, the One in All.





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