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The Transformation of a Heart



by Al Drucker

(This article is based on a chapter written over a decade ago and published in the American edition of ‘Transformation of the Heart’ by Samuel Weiser, Inc., edited and compiled and copyrighted by Juy Warner, and is used with her permission.)





Dear Reader. My loving salutations to you. Baba says that this whole world is like a drama being played out in a girl's college. Some girls are playing the part of ladies, some are playing the part of men, others are playing children, some are elders, some are animals, some are gods and angels, some are demons... there are so many different parts being enacted on the stage, but underneath the actors are all the same, they are all just girl students. But, there is one figure connected with the drama who is neither a girl nor a student; he is the author and director of the play.

A few years ago at the ashram, the western children were given a chance to put on a Christmas performance called the Sarva Dharma Play, which dramatized the religious and spiritual history of the world. Behind stage at the Poornachandra Auditorium, Swami asked me, "Are you the director of this play?" I said, "Swamiji, you are the director. I am the assistant." Immediately Swami replied, "No, the director needs no assistant. You can call yourself an instrument."

Swami was pointing out that once we become aware of the Divinity who is in charge of the play, then we must surrender all our independence and individuality to him; for then we become knowingly, what we have been all along, unknowingly... instruments in his hands. He does not need our help in running the world. Our role is to be good instruments and to be good actors playing out the parts assigned. The stage is in place, the lights are on, the curtain is up and the play is in full swing, but the actors are blind to the grandeur of the performance; they are much too busy playing their little parts, thinking these to be real and under their control.

Fortunately, we are blessed with the presence amongst us of the Lord of the Universe, and so we can be conscious instruments of the Divine; we can look around us and enjoy the high drama that he has produced, even as we perform the roles that have been assigned to us in his grand production.

But, Swami encourages us to elevate our thinking to an even higher plane. He says, "Think of yourself as the Divinity itself. In truth, you are no different from God. You are not this body. You are not this mind. You are not this limited personality. You are the eternal, the one divine principle, the timeless truth. Fear or grief can never touch you. In essence, there is no difference between us. You and I are always one." This is the loftiest teaching of the Avatar, directing us back to our sacred source, the immortal Atma. Swami tells us that there is only one sin and that is thinking that we can be separate individuals, different from God. This is the greatest mistake that we can make, for it leads us to pursue our petty lives in the world without ever seeking to know the truth of the Divinity that we truly are.


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