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The Transformation of a Heart



by Al Drucker





Dearest Reader. We are so very blessed to know of Baba, to come under his protective wing, and to be guided by him through life, even long before we consciously know of him. May I tell you the story of how I first heard of Swami?

It all started in one of the most beautiful places on earth, the rugged coastline of Big Sur, California, in 1971. There, on the grounds of the Institute where I lived, I was sitting on a rock overlooking the ocean, and found myself thumbing through a book that I had found in the 'free box' that day, whose cover had been torn off and a number of pages removed; it turned out to be Sathya Sai Speaks, Vol II. I didn't know who Sathya Sai was, and not having any previous interest or exposure to Indian teachers or teachings, I glanced at it rather quickly, not expecting to find anything of particular interest for me there. Nevertheless, for some unknown reason, I had taken it down to the rocks.

As I was thumbing through the book, Swami must have been thumbing through me, and he undoubtedly decided that this was the time to rescue this straying soul. So he arranged for my eyes to contact the one word which would be sure to catch my attention. There towards the end of the book, on one of those random pages that flitted through my fingers, I momentarily espied the word 'Chinese'. I should explain that whereas I didn't have much interest in India at that time, I had a great deal of interest in China, having spent some time there as a young man, and having just completed my studies in Chinese medicine, and, also, having just helped to arrange for a well-known Taoist scholar, an Englishman who had spent most of his life in China, to come to our Institute and give a series of seminars, which were to start that very evening.

So, I scanned that particular page which had the word 'Chinese' on it. It was a talk that Swami had given in Puttaparthi in 1962 on his birthday, November 23rd, in which he inaugurated a new village elementary school and spoke of a new era of Sai education that was starting then, which we now know has spread to every state in India and to many countries abroad.

Although later, through his grace, I was to become part of that great educational system, at the time this meant nothing to me, and I just skipped to the paragraph where the word 'Chinese' appeared, and there I found this statement,
"... I know that your hearts are filled with thoughts of pushing back the Chinese who have invaded our sacred motherland... India has Krishna on its side and where there is Krishna there will be victory... Already the trumpets of victory will have sounded... I assure you my birthday will not be spoiled by any bad news... on the contrary, it will be made happier by positively cheerful news."

Then I turned a few pages further on to the next discourse delivered the following morning, where he spoke of the turn in events. He said, "By now you will know that the Chinese of their own accord, prompted by the mysterious working of a higher power, withdrew from the advanced lines they held on the night of the 22nd, and as I said, my birthday was celebrated in an atmosphere of joy... some unseen force has caught them by the neck and hurled them back... man is impelled into aggressive actions by greed and lust, but he is compelled to retrace his steps by the power of God."

Reading that made a most powerful impression on me. It was incredible that there could be someone in the world with such great power that by his will alone he could effect major events like that... giving himself a birthday present by dramatically forcing a whole foreign army to withdraw from his homeland, seemingly spontaneously, on the eve of his birthday.


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