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The Transformation of a Heart



by Al Drucker





On that first trip to Prashanti Nilayam they put me into a room with a little Indian man, who seemed very poor and lived very simply. But, after a few days, when we got to know each other and I drew out his story, he told me how he had been a high official in the Indian government and how one day he found himself in a city where Baba was visiting. Baba sent for him and then related to him a number of incidents of how Baba had saved his life, once coming as an air-raid warden in war-time London during the blitz and getting him into the shelter just before the building was hit by a bomb and demolished.

I looked back on my life and saw how often Swami must have been present in my life, whether as the ground-controller who saved me in the storm, or as the SS officer who warned me in the train, or in the many other disguises that the Divinity has come into my life without being recognized. In the years that have gone by since that first trip to Swami in Prashanti Nilayam, there have been countless personal experiences of his loving presence, nurturing, guiding and correcting. If even a few hours go by in the day, without feeling that direct, invisible but unmistakable presence of Swami, I know that I've been unconscious.

He never rests, he never disappears, he never relaxes his vigilance... it is just these minds that get distracted and forget his sweet omnipresence. Everything and anything is possible for the Divinity. Out of his unbounded love he will turn earth into heaven and heaven into earth for his devotees. He will come in countless forms and disguises and perform countless acts in order to rain surprise and delight and good lessons on us. We have all had many experiences and can tell Baba stories that would fill many books. The most wonderful realization is the connectedness of all the they are like the unfoldment of scenes on an already existing tapestry, rendered in exquisite patterns, laced with surprising twists and twirls, and woven with immeasurable love by the master craftman of them all. Everything taking place seems to have a genesis, a long history in the past, which is then carefully guided into the present by the divine hand.


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