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Dearest Reader, I salute you as your loving brother. What follows is an attempt to capture in words the heart of the mystical teachings known as Vedanta. This booklet is not intended as a scholarly work. It is merely hoped that it will clear up some knots and intensify your love for the Divinity, which is closer to you than even your own mind. Please join me in this voyage of exploration to realize the truth of who we are. With deepest affection and gratitude, I dedicate this work to the source from which it has emerged, the beloved Satguru who resides in all hearts as the one Self.






I.        Introduction

II.       The Three States of Consciousness

III.      Death and the Soul's Journey

IV.     Maya

V.      Being Awake In Sleep

VI.     The Play of the Divine

VII.    The Ego Mind – Our Personal Maya

VIII.   Full Awakening

IX.     The Mandukyo Upanishad

X.      The Non-Dual Wisdom of Ramana

Appendix – Two Creation Stories