The Ultimate Truth of Everything


There is one God, and there is never anything else. That One who is Atma the one Self, who is Brahman the boundless Absolute, who is the Eternal, the Infinite, That One alone exists. Besides It there is nothing.


“But then what about all this multiplicity? Doesn’t this vast world of mutiple beings and things also exist?”


The correct answer is, “There is no multiplicity! Ever!” No divine entity or accident or circumstance created a world of multiplicity. When the One God is all there is, how can a world of separate beings and objects come into existence? They can’t. Diversity and separation can never be real. The One is forever One. It knows nothing of multiplicity. But you mistake God as many. The fault is in you. Multiplicity is of your making. God did not make a world of separate beings and things. God remains God forever, but you look at God and see a world of separation. You think what you’re looking at is real, but what you see is unreality. For that which is real never changes, and what you see comes and goes. Actually, quite unknowingly, you are only ever looking at true Reality, but through your distorted vision, you see illusion instead. What needs to change is you. You made up a world that wasn’t there, and then believed it to really be there. But your ego-made world is never there. Correct your vision! Remove your delusion!


Consider this example: You step on a piece of rope lying on the ground at dusk, when the daylight is waning. In the failing light you dimly perceive a wiggly thing lying in the road that you just stepped on. You conclude a snake must be there. Now you become very frightened. But all that’s happened is that you got misled by your senses. In the oncoming darkness you thought you saw a snake, but there was only a harmless piece of rope lying there. You looked on one thing, but believed you were seeing something else. In a similar way, even now, you look on the one God, but in the darkness of ignorance, you convince yourself that you’re seeing a vast world of others. You firmly believe in what you are seeing, but it simply isn’t there. It’s just make-believe dream stuff. What truly is there remains hidden from you by ignorance.


God is all that is ever there. When you see separate beings or objects in the world, you are still only looking at the one God, and nothing else. There never is or can be anything else. In your ignorance you label the one unchanging God with the names and forms you give to all the disparate beings and objects you think you see in the world. And so, you look on the One but you see the many. Although in truth, you yourself are that one same God, you doggedly regard yourself as a mortal individual, other than God. Nevertheless, whatever your perception, there is always only that inseparable One, and no other.


This world of separation you believe you see, teeters on just one leg, delusion. Kick out that leg and the world falls. You experience the disappearance of this multiplicity every night. In deep sleep you experience the complete absence of the world of delusion. When you are asleep in dreamless sleep, where does all your diversity disappear to? What happens to your world and all its objects, and to the ‘you’ who believes itself to be in that world? What is the source of joy that sound sleep brings? It is the absence of the false that brings you joy. Deep sleep, being free of multiplicity, will always bring only joy.


But deep sleep keeps a tiny trace of the ego as a seed, a memento of the illusory world. When you awaken again from sleep, you grab hold of that tiny mad idea, identify yourself again as the ‘I’ thought, and choose to be the same deluded individual that you were before. And so, you again answer to only the one name and one form that you believe you are. Thereby you keep alive the fiction of being a separate individual in an imaginary world of countless beings. Is there any wonder that you find yourself, again and again, pestered by creatures of your own fantasies, troubled by antagonists that you yourself concocted?     


I often tell you not to identify me with this particular physical build-up, but you do not understand. You call me by only one name and believe I have only one form. But there is no name I do not bear and there is no form which is not mine. What is true for me is true for you, for the reality is that you and I are ever one and the same. You are not a separate individual. What you really are is the one eternal God, unbound and unlimited. You have been That for all Eternity. Discover It within!  Assert It!  Live It!  Be It!  Even Now!


                                                                                                                      (Based on an address given by Sai Baba in 1962, compiled by Al Drucker)