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10The Path Inward
  Go within. Your normal inclination is to come out through the senses and see the world. Now reverse: “I am not the body, I am not the mind, I am not the senses.” Then you are stabilized in consciousness. After that, all further things happen automatically. Know that in this world nothing is permanent; search out what you were before this temporary state came and what you are after it goes. During that temporary state everything appeared to be correct; the plot was totally believable, but the story is completely fictitious. When the waking state is gone, sleep begins; when sleep is gone, the waking state begins. When both are gone you are at home. Why should these states leave you? Because they are foreign to you, because they are not you. There is no question of being responsible for anything that happens in the world. It is only by taking delivery of responsibility that suffering comes.Just be as you are, don't imagine or picturize. Your body and your image have changed continuously all during your life; any experience you have is not real. Whether you are crying or laughing, this is the image for that moment only - the next moment it will be changing. So long as the body is there this passing show will be there. Finally, that very consciousness through which you see the world will quit. The days are numbered of this body and consciousness.Consciousness is a great fraud; it is the cause of all suffering. It all begins with self-love, the need to be present. This love of being, love of self is the nature of the seed, the sperm. Consciousness is latent in that, in the condition we call birth. Then, out of the food essence comes the taste 'I am' and consciousness flowers. You are and so the world is. But, don't get entangled in the branches and the leaves - go to the seed. Without the seed the tree will not be there. Find out where that seed came from. That state cannot be witnessed by you... only what is other than you can be witnessed by you. Still, in that state of no-knowingness, without eyes, you must abide.This is real liberation: to know that you are nothing. All your knowledge, including yourself, is liquidated; then you are liberated. When the devotee subsides into nothingness, the world and God also subside into nothingness. You come to the conclusion that in the final analysis your balance sheet is nil.  
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