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15. The Fantastic Play


What a crazy comedy life is? Look, here you are in your house, bothering no one, doing what comes naturally to you. Then one day a policeman suddenly appears at your doorstep and charges you with assault and robbery in Calcutta on such and such a day. You know that you've never been out of your home town, let alone being in Calcutta and taking part in an assault and robbery, and if he were to conduct a few inquiries he would soon convince himself that you were speaking the truth. You want to tell him all this, but suddenly you find yourself so much overawed by the presence of the policeman that you are unable to speak in your defense and you allow him to arrest you. Later, when you are behind bars, you lament about your bondage and cry for liberation? Is this not ridiculous?

In your original state of unity and wholeness you didn't even know you existed. Then one day, you were told that you were born, that a particular body was 'you', that a particular couple were your parents. Thereafter, you began accepting further information about 'you', day by day, and built up a whole pseudo-personality, but only because you had accepted the charge that you had been born, although you were fully aware that you had no experience of being born, that you had never agreed to be born, and that your body was being thrust upon you. Gradually the conditioning became stronger and stronger and grew to such an extent that not only did you accept the charge that you were born as a particular body, but that you would at some future date 'die', and the very word 'death' became a dreaded word to you, signifying a traumatic event.

What a bad joke has been played on you? Now, not only do you fail to see that you are merely an actor playing a role in this farce, but you go on to assume that you have a choice of decision and action in the play, a play which must obviously unfold strictly according to the pre-written script. And when events thus take place naturally in the ordinary course, this conceptual entity takes responsibility for them and lets himself get affected, and suffers. But, all suffering is nothing but the acceptance of a false arrest, allowing the impersonal, subjective, timeless, universal beingness to be apprehended and bound up into the mistaken identity of the personal, objective, temporal, limited phenomenon. When you get some inkling of this farce then you start thinking of 'liberation' and release from 'bondage'.What is liberation? Liberation is seeing life as a play and perceiving that the 'you' who is without the slightest touch of objectivity cannot be an entity in any shape, name or kind.

Liberation is the realization that sentient objects are part of the manifestation of the total phenomena, without separate identities... that what you are is the sentience in all sentient objects... you are the conscious presence.

Liberation is a perceiving that you, the Absolute, in your phenomenal expression are the functioning, the seeing, the hearing, the smelling, the tasting, the thinking, without the presence of anyone else or anything, other than you. There was never a subject that saw another as an object, there was only you, the seeing, functioning spontaneously as an aspect of your noumenal potential.

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