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21. When Consciousness is Awake it Dreams


The manifestation of the entire universe is just like a dream and all the various beings in it are just dreamed objects... mere appearances going through their assigned parts, not really living but being lived and being dreamed by the dreamer. However, there is not one dreamer. Through each psychosomatic apparatus associated with consciousness, the universally shared dream is being dreamed; and so each sentient being is both a dreamed figure and the dreamer. Through the divided mind, each being appears to exist apart from the 'others' and the world, but when you reflect on the process of the dream you soon realize that every object in this dreamed universe is 'you', in the same way that every object in your per­sonal dream is nothing but 'you'. The 'you' of your dream has no real control over the objects in your personal dream, including the object that 'you' are in your dream. Everything appears to happen in and around you spontaneously, without a patent cause.

Similarly, in this life-dream of the waking state, all functioning, all actions can only be spontaneous because there are no entities to perform those actions. There can only be happenings functioning; with no principals there to do anything, except in appearance. There are no nouns... only actions... only verbs. This dreaming, this functioning, this dancing that is happening is all 'you' the universal, the one consciousness in which all these happenings appear. As consciousness, when you are 'awake' there will be this dreaming, and as the 'I' of the dream you will be conscious of yourself. But, when you are 'asleep' then there is no dream, and you, the unmanifested potential will not be conscious of yourself. In that state of sleep, there arises spontaneously a desire to awaken and become aware of yourself. Thus the 'I am' emerges and through the apparatus of the mind, becomes the many; actions spontaneously follow the desire, and so the world springs up without apparent cause or intervention by any doer. All actions are of this nature; all actions follow desire (or need or will), and all such desires are spontaneous movements in consciousness, without there being any separate entity which experiences the desire or performs the action.

Now, the perception of this truth must happen suddenly with the deepest conviction and the most urgent immediacy. It is not a matter of developing understanding through reasoning over a period of time, but it is a sudden shock of timeless apprehension, an instantaneous cessation of the mind process in which thinking is suspended and intuitive awareness dawns. Then, after this seed of apprehension has been planted and has taken root, the deliverance from the imagined bondage will proceed on its own course, in its own time. Once you are thoroughly convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that the object with which you had identified yourself all this time is really only a phenomenon, having neither independence nor autonomy... that it is merely a dreamed figure, an ap­pearance without substance, seen as a phenomenal object through the dualistic minds of other sentient objects regarding themselves as subjects... and that this shadow can have neither bondage nor liberation... then you as consciousness have become liberated from the mistaken identification you had been making. But if the least vestige of entityhood hangs on, and you still think of yourself as a being seeking liberation, then you will not find it. As long as you think you are this apparatus and assume the burden of bondage and seek liberation, then liberation will be meaningless. Is it the apparatus that is to be liberated? Find out who it is that is seeking liberation. Discover the true identity of the seeker. It is not liberation but the seeker who is being sought. Find him and liberation will be waiting for you, for it was always there... it has never left you.

Deep sleep is often mistaken for the non-objective Awareness, the pure Awareness which is not aware of itself, because during deep sleep the consciousness retires into rest and is not conscious of itself. However, this state has a limited duration, after which the waking state (which includes the dream state) again takes over. Both the waking and the deep sleep states are alternating periods of consciousness-in-manifestation. During the waking state there is a sense of presence; during the deep sleep state that sense of presence is absent. But the pure state of Awareness that you really are, is the total absence of both the presence and the absence of the sense of presence. And it is not time-bound. Can you permanently go without sleep now? Yet 100 years ago, before manifestation, were 'you' concerned about sleep? Consciousness, deep sleep, waking, time-duration are all aspects associated with manifestation. How could this be equated with the unmanifest Awareness which is pure subjectivity and intemporality, and doesn't have the slightest touch of objectivity or phenomenality?

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