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8. Child Consciousness


The root of this manifest world is the consciousness which appeared when you were a child. The root of whatever activities you are now doing is that moment when you were a child. From that moment you started gathering knowledge and from that your present activities are happening. The consciousness you have now is the same as that child consciousness... that is the seed. As long as this consciousness is there so many things seem to be important to you, but when that consciousness vanishes, what is the worth of the whole world to you? Nothing? Give attention to how this seed, this consciousness, this beingness, this 'I amness'... has appeared. Find out how this universal, all-pervasive consciousness has limited itself and identified with the body, when the body appeared.

You must come to a firm conviction, and once the decision is taken there is no moving away from it. You must forget the thought that you are a body and be only the knowledge 'I am', which has no form, no name. Just be. Accept this identification only: that you are pure beingness, the very soul of the universe and that for now you are just wearing this bodily attire. Look at the moon and know that the moon is there provided you are there... because you are, the moon is. It is out of you, this beingness, the primordial concept, 'I am', that this whole web of creation is woven. The entire manifestation is just an appearance in you. When you stabilize in that beingness it will give you all its secrets. Once you liquidate this yardstick of bodymind as your identity then you are the highest God, you are Brahman. But here there is no question of elevating yourself to a higher level; here it is only a question of understanding. God is the 'I amness', the consciousness, the beingness, that which witnesses this manifestation of the five elements, the universe. Brahman, the Self, the Absolute, witnesses this 'I am­ness'. The Absolute state cannot be obtained. It is your state now and always. To the Absolute state the witnessing of the consciousness happens.

The fruition of your spirituality is to fully understand your own true nature, to stabilize in your true identity. Ultimately, everything merges in the Self. You will transcend that beingness, and you, the Absolute, will know that you are also not that beingness, that consciousness. Beingness is transcended, but beingness will still be available. In the deep sleep state the beingness, the 'I am­ness' goes into oblivion, you forget yourself. The 'I am­ness' comes and goes in the waking and deep sleep states, but the Absolute remains unaffected by that. The true state, which is whole, undifferentiated, is beyond birth and death. Be friendly with your undifferentiated state, your true Self. There was never any division, but you are under the delusion that you are not one with it. You are never bound by body and mind. You are limitless. You, the Absolute are aloof, you are beyond any experience. In the absence of the basic concept 'I am' there is no thought, there is no consciousness. Immortality is beyond time and space; in that timeless, spaceless existence there is no en­try for the five elements, for light or darkness. Timeless, spaceless existence doesn't know that it is; it has never felt the creation or destruction of the universe. That is your reality, that is your truth.

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