A compilation of Sai Baba's powerful 2008 Christmas discourse which focuses on the very heart of Baba's non-dualistic teachings:


Highlights of Sai Baba’s Christmas Message

Embodiments of Love!  All that you see, hear and do in your dreams, all the scenes playing out there, are not real. They disappear as soon as the dream ends. Yet, all that goes on there appears to be real to you, while you are asleep and dreaming. But then, the moment you wake up or slide into deep sleep, the dream vanishes.

Similarly, all that you see, hear and do in the objective world during your waking state, all the stories playing out here, are also nothing but dream scenes. They make up the waking dream which is equally unreal. And just as what is happening in the sleeping dream appears real to the ‘you’ in the sleeping dream, so also, what is happening in the waking dream appears real to the ‘you’ in the waking dream. But in Reality neither exists. They are just dream stuff, both equally unreal. All the objects that populate these dream scenes are impermanent and disappear in time. Being ephemeral they cannot be real.

The Atma, your True Self, is the only entity that is permanent in all three periods of time: past, present, and future. And it is the only entity present in all three of the states you cycle through every day: waking, dream, and deep sleep. It alone is real. This Atmic Self is your one truth. It is ever-present, ever-unchanging. It is always available to you as unconditional love. This love is born out of Atma. It is the same as Atma. And like Atma it is the same as God. It is the only true possession you have. It is all you can take with you when the body is cast off. It alone is what you truly are.

Embodiments of Love!  You search for God. Where can you be absolutely sure to find God? The answer is in every human being you encounter. The inner core of every human being is God. Hence, human beings are more valuable than all the wealth in the world. Cultivate your love for all beings. Love is God, live in love. Love ever, hurt never. Saturate your life with love and recognize everyone as your one Self. Never think that God is different from you.

It is not possible for you to be other than who you truly are. You are Atma, same as God. You are eternal. Atma is not subject to birth or death. It has no beginning, middle, or end. It is omnipresent. The body and the mind are not who you are. You are far beyond them. Atma alone is real. Besides It there is nothing. All the myriad names and forms of objects appearing in the world are just illusions playing out in a dream. They seem to hide the Atma. But being unreal, they have no effect on It at all. And, therefore, they can have no effect on you as well.

Realize that worldly worries cannot trouble you and cause you fear and anxiety, for they can never affect who you truly are. Remain unperturbed at all times. As long as you find yourself in a human life in a body, make some effort to steady your mind and take proper care of your body. Look after its welfare. Maintain the attitude that whatever happens is for your own good. Do not judge what is happening with thoughts of good and bad. Accept everything as coming from the Divine Will.

In no situation are you ever the doer. In fact, the ‘you’ you think you are is not even there. The real ‘you’ is the Atma, which is always one with unconditional love. Develop single-minded unwavering devotion to It. Faith in the love that is Atma, your Self, is the basis for everything. When you possess Self-faith, no one can cause you harm. From now until your last moments, keep your trust in the Atma. It is not ‘you’ but the Atma that responds to every situation you face.

Know that you are constantly being showered with God's Gift. When you are enjoying good times you are being blessed with God's Gift. When you are passing through difficult times, you are still being blessed with God's Gift. God Himself, as Divine Love, is God’s Gift, given to you as your True Nature. It cannot ever be taken from you. As you develop your love more and more, you become so filled with It you become that Love itself. Then you realize there is nothing that is ever bad; there is only good. Your life then becomes a noble life, one that is ever calm and unruffled in any situation, filled with courage and fearlessness.

In the objective world, good and bad coexist. They are like the obverse and reverse of the same coin. You will not find one to the exclusion of the other, although they are usually separated in time. Neither of these polarities is real. They are the product of the mind. God, who is Unity, has nothing to do with polarities and differences. All these polarities of good and bad, desirable and repulsive, arise only from your thoughts.

If something bad is perceived to have happened, it is not something others have done to you, however it appears. Nor has God a role to play in this. You are only doing it to yourself! Even if you are happy, it is not caused by God. That too is on account of your own mind. The entire world is permeated by your mind.

Do not allow your mind to waver. Keep it free of all polarities and judgments. Keep it fresh and pure, ever immersed in love. Contemplate on God as Atma, your true inner Self. Do not get confused by names. You can contemplate on any name you like. The essential nature of everything and everyone is equally God. Not more in some or less in others. But you need not look for God elsewhere. God is in you, with you, above you, below you, and around you. God is the indweller of your heart.

You repeat the names of Rama and Krishna, identifying God with a particular name and form. But God has nothing to do with a physical form. The real Divinity is beyond the body, beyond form and name. You too are beyond form and name. You are not limited by time and space. To realize your True Nature inquire into what is real, what is permanent. Question acutely if the world you see is really there, and if you truly are a separate being living in it.

Embodiments of Love!   Do not take the Divinity lightly. It is in all human beings. There is no human in this world in whom Truth is not present. As a human being you should realize your innate Divinity. Its strength and greatness is your true strength and greatness. When you inquire deeply, "Who am I?", back will come the reply, "You are God. You are not a limited human being."

When God, the Supreme Self is present in you as the True You, why should you fear anyone? Remind yourself, "I am God! I am God! I am in no way different from God!". Fill yourself with an unshakable feeling of love for all beings. When someone inquires who you are, assert, "I am God! And you are also God!” Develop such inner confidence.

I bless you to contemplate on the Divinity in your heart and realize the profound Love and Peace that is your Reality.