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6.  Astavakra guides Janaka towards dissolution of ego


Upon hearing the depth of Janaka's understanding, Astavakra guides Janaka towards the ultimate dissolution of his illusory individuality:

You, the supreme self, are totally unattached. You are free from contact with anything whatsoever. Since your eternal state of being is absolutely pure and free, what is there to renounce? Disidentify yourself with this false individual self. Destroy your identification with the body-complex, and thereby enter into the state of dissolution.

In you, the supreme self, universes arise like insignificant bubbles arising from the vast ocean. Knowing yourself to be the totality of the vast ocean, forever one, give up your identification with this momentary bubble and enter into the state of dissolution, abiding in the absolute.

Knowing the universe to be unreal, having superimposed itself on you like the illusory snake on the rope, how can it truly exist in you who are pure? The universe is merely a mirage, an illusion perceived by the senses. It has no relationship to you. Knowing this, give up all vestige of body-consciousness and enter into the state of dissolution.

You, the absolute self, are perfect. You are forever untouched by misery or happiness, hope or despair, life or death, or any of life's vicissitudes and pairs of opposites. Knowing that you are ever the same and unaffected, pure and incorruptible, relinquish all identification with this individual self and enter into the state of dissolution.

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