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7.  Janaka speaks of the limitless state


From the depth of his being, Janaka exclaimed:

Boundless am I! I am like the unlimited space in which the phenomenal world is just a little pot, surrounded and permeated by me. I am like the vast ocean in which the universe is a small wave playing in me. I am like the never-ending desert in which the universe is a mirage, projecting illusory images in me. I am the one substratum underlying all existence. I am in all beings and all beings are in me. Knowing myself to be the infinite, the absolute, where is the need to renounce the world, or to accept or destroy it?

In me, the boundless ocean, the ship of the universe is tossed hither and thither, impelled by the wind of its own illusory nature. How can I the eternally real be affected by that which is inherently unreal?

In me, the limitless ocean, the wave of the world rises or vanishes of itself. I neither increase nor decrease thereby. In me, the boundless ocean of eternity, the universe is just a fleeting appearance. It has the momentary fascination of a juggler's show but it portents nothing. I remain unattached, ever tranquil and formless. I abide in my serenity.

I who am all-pervasive and infinite can never be limited. How can I be contained by a body, a mind, or by the objects of the world? I who am ever stainless and free from attachment and desire, how can there be any thought of rejection or acceptance in me? I am consciousness itself. I abide in my peacefulness.



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