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13.  Janaka makes his final statement


Janaka makes his final statement, proclaiming the non-reality of all that can be thought of, spoken of or conceived. In a series of questions, Janaka alludes to his own deep repose and points out how that which is real cannot be conceptualized or spoken of. It can only be known by being it.

I have heard from you, great teacher, the pure knowledge of the truth and with your grace I have been able to use that knowledge to extract from the inmost recesses of my heart the thorn of false understandings. All my doubts have been removed.

Where now are the goals of human life and where even is the practice of discrimination? Where is the past, where is the future and where even is the present? Where is space, where is time, and where even is eternity for me, who abide in my own glory?

Where is despair, where is anxiety, where is fear and where even is tranquility and peacefulness? Where are good and evil and the pairs of opposites and where even is non-duality and oneness? Where is dreaming, where is deep sleep, where is wakefulness, and where even is transcendence?

Where is bondage and where even is liberation and knowledge of the self? Where are the holy teachings, where is the mind liberated from the sense-objects and where even is contentment and desirelessness? Where is the nonself and where even is the self for me who am ever existent, ever free, ever unborn, and ever beyond thought?

Where is I and mine, where is this and that, and where are they and theirs? Where is life and where is death? Where is the world and where are wordly relations? Where is forgetfulness and where even is remembrance of the truth for me who abide in my own glory?

Where is distance, where is proximity, where is exterior, where is interior, where is grossness and where is subtlety? Where is the void, where are the elements, where is the body, where are the organs and where is the mind for me who am ever taintless by nature?

Where is the doer, where is the enjoyer, where is cessation of thought or the rising of thought, where is direct knowledge or reflected knowledge, for me who am ever impersonal?

To talk about the goals of life is needless, to talk about yoga is purposeless and even to talk about wisdom is irrelevant for me who repose in the self. Where is the karma governing the actions of this body, where is liberation-in-life and where even is liberation-in-death for me, the ever undifferentiated?

Where is creation and where is destruction? Where is the end and where are the means? Where is the seeker and where is the sought? Where is the world and where is the aspirant for liberation? Where is the contemplative man and where is the man of knowledge? Where is the soul in bondage and where is the liberated soul?

Where is the knower, where is the means to knowledge, where is the object of knowledge or where even is knowledge itself? Where is anything and where is nothing for me who am ever pure and non-dual by nature?

Where is attachment and where is detachment? Where is illusion and where is transcendence? Where is happiness and where is misery? Where is distraction and where is concentration? Where is joy and where is sorrow? Where is wisdom and where is ignorance?

Where are the spiritual teachings and where are the scriptural injunctions? Where is the disciple and where is the preceptor? Where indeed is the purpose of life for me, who am ever pure and ever actionless?
Where is existence, where is nonexistence? Where is duality, where is unity? Where is activity, where is inactivity? Where is liberation and where is bondage? Where is the world, where is the individual, and where even is the ultimate bliss for me who am ever immutable and indivisible?

What else can possibly be said? How can words express the inexpressible?

Nothing more emanates from me.

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